Titan Triathlon at the 2019 Club Relays

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Another great year at the “organised chaos” that is the Triathlon Club Relay Championships! 

Well done to all six Titan teams competing this year and thanks to all those that came across to Holme Pierrepont to support. Also a special thank you on behalf of the club and all its members to social queen Rebecca Buckley for all her hard work in making sure everyone got fed at the after-party BBQ! 

Provisional results from all the Titan Teams and a few photos from the weekend are below…

Team NameTeam Finish time Swimmer 1Swimmer 2Swimmer 3Swimmer 4Cyclist 1Cyclist 2Cyclist 3Cyclist 4Runner 1Runner 2Runner 3Runner 4
Team Lawrence And The Machines03:22:1007:3709:3009:1107:1821:0123:4122:15 22:1118:0421:0920:2419:02
Team Trishortsandtops03:52:1407:3011:1612:0708:4923:0623:5328:0522:5722:2421:2127:2222:33
Team Team CRONUS03:54:1908:2009:5810:3810:3524:4125:1726:0927:0221:0222:1923:3523:34
Team Tri As We Might04:04:5607:0812:0313:1010:2524:3128:1627:1226:2420:0224:4724:3625:06
Team Team ‘Momentum’04:32:3910:4509:5411:1714:2025:4327:3930:3930:4521:3032:3325:4430:19
Team Tenacious Titans04:58:5811:1913:1114:0013:2726:5528:1940:1537:4826:5823:3219:298:15
Team NameTeam Members
Tenacious TitansEmma Billing Tamla Short Maggi Savin-Baden Suzi Hill
Team ‘Momentum’Martin Ward Ryan Hawtin Ian Thompson Noreen Hamnett
Lawrence and the MachinesPeter Buckley Boyd Root Ron Mahoney Lawrence Williamson
TrishortsandtopsAdam Phillips Andrew Lewis Anthony Billing Chris Stilgoe
Team CRONUS Chris Robey Nick Branson Nick Whiffin Tim Gould
Tri as we mightStuart Mann Simon Jarman Matthew Braddish Martin Elks

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