Titan Social Weekend – Final Info

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Titan Social – 16th June 2018 – Final Information For Attendees


The event will be held at the Lyndon Top campsite which is a short distance from Rutland Water

The cost of the event is £6 per person which will cover food in the evening. Camping is £10.00 per pitch per night and can be reserved through Rebecca Buckley. To keep things simple and because of the variety of options, you will need to pay for your own accommodation and provide your own nutrition on the cycle and of course, bring your own drinks for the evening if you are intending on staying with us. Food in the evening will be a BBQ with options available for all dietary requirements including the ‘just meat’ diet.

Format of the cycle

We have various abilities taking part in various distances, so we have decided to base the times on an average of 15mph for each of the loops and allow a short amount of time between end and the start of each loop.  We appreciate that some will go fast & others slower.  Due to the venue change, the distances have changed a little from what we originally had planned.

Loop 1 – 36 Miles (102m in total)

The 102-mile ride will start at 9:00am from the site entrance. Stuart Mann will be leading the ride which will aim to maintain an average speed of 15mph. The 36-mile loop will be moderately hilly and should circle back around to the campsite for at latest for approx 11:20 am.  Strava Route for Loop 1 / GPX File for Loop 1

Loop 2 – 41 Miles (66m in total)

The second loop,  please be ready for 11:20am, and as soon as the riders from loop 1 return and re-stock, we’ll start the next loop.  Again this will start from the campsite and will be a reasonably flat 41 miles. Riders are expected to return around 2:30pm. Strava Route for Loop 2 / GPX File for Loop 2

Loop 3 – 25 Miles

The third loop, please be ready for 2:30pm, and as before, as soon as the riders from loop 2 return and re-stock, we’ll start the next loop. The final loop will be 25 miles out and back with an expected return of 4:30pm giving all plenty of time to freshen up for the evening.  Strava Route for Loop 3 /  GPX File for Loop 3

As this final loop will likely be well attended, for safety reasons we will need to limit the number of riders in each group to a maximum of 10, therefore, riders will be grouped according to ability/preference. Each group will have a lead rider who will be responsible for the speed and etiquette of the group.

In Summary

Loop 1+2+3, 102 miles, starting 9am

Loop 2+3, 66 miles, starting 11:20am

Loop 3, 25 miles, starting 2:30pm

Other Rider Information

Each loop has a break to allow for unexpected events (mechanicals etc) and for riders to refuel and refresh ready for the next ride out. You will need to provide your own food and supplements. Water, tea and coffee will be provided at the event HQ and there will be a support car on the first two loops for emergencies.

If you are planning on riding the 102-mile route, camping on the evening and also arriving on Saturday morning, please either arrive early enough to set up your pitch in advance of the ride or leave yourself adequate time in the evening after the ride to sort yourself and your accommodation.

Routes for all three loops are available for GPX download from this Titan blog page but each ride lead will be aware of the route and able to guide their group accordingly.

Expected etiquette on the ride is (as a minimum) all riders must wear helmets and abide by the Highway Code at all times. Please do not ride more than 2 abreast or half wheel, and follow the instructions of the lead rider.

Finally, please come prepared for all weather. The current forecast does say showers/rain, though there is time for that to change, but prepare for the worst and hope for the best


Junior members will have the option of visiting the Rutland aqua park in the morning and a 25-mile cycle in the afternoon which will be organised by Richard Buchannan. If any juniors would like to take part in these activities, they will be required to be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

We look forward to seeing you all on the day and hope you enjoy the weekend

At Campsite

Few things for you not to forget

  • Bring your own food for meals outside of Saturday evening
  • Tea & Coffee will be available, please bring your own cup
  • Bring a chair
  • It may be cool in the evening


See you over the weekend, The Titan Organising Team

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