Stuart Mann (Chairperson)


Club Roles

  • Chairperson

How did you get into Triathlon?

I was innocently chilling out after a spin class when Clare Sarjeant said, “I’m doing a triathlon, you should do it too”.  After thinking, that sounds like fun and saying yes, I’m in. I walked out thinking I had better find out to what I had agreed to, nothing new when around Clare.

What was your first race?

So, my journey started with a sprint race at Warwick 2012 and at the end of the race I was hooked.  The swim was great, this is probably my strongest sport, I used to swim for school a very long time ago.  The bike was great, sunny morning and first time I have ever raced on a bike.  The advice
I got was to make sure I spinned my legs out in the last mile to make sure I was ready for the run.  How difficult could a 5k run be….more difficult than I could have magined.  The middle part of the run was tough, but there were plenty of people that I knew to give me an encouraging word or two.

Finishing was like nothing I had experienced before, knowing that I had pushed myself, but more importantly it was so much fun!  Now when could I race again

What has been your highlight so far?

I decided that for my 3rd year in Triathlon that I would take on the ultimate challenge, a full Ironman distance race.  So, August 2014 while on holiday I signed my name to Ironman UK 2015 and on 19th December that year my 30 week training programme started.  It was great to go through the training and I learnt so much about training, support team you need and learning more about myself.

The race itself was better than I could have imagined, but it wasn’t just about the race, it was the journey from the first day back in December to crossing the finish line knowing that very few people will complete a race like this.

Is there a race you would recommend and why?

I do seem to enjoy the tougher races and hilly courses.  My most favourite race so far has to been Helvellyn Tri in Lake District back in 2014.  I wasn’t as fit as I would have wanted to be, it was a real tough day’s racing, but at the same time just an epic race.  Lake swim was fantastic, clear water swim, followed by an epic bike run with a Tour-de France type climb up The Struggle, then an epic climb up mountain, Helvellyn.

Do you have one item of advice you wish to share?

Foam rollers are your friend, even when they hurt, but good maintenance routine is really important

Tell us something about you non-Triathlon related

Life for me is busy, married to Jeanie and have two great children, Jordan & Sophia.  As well as my sport, I also volunteer in Scouting and currently Scout Leader for 1st Chelmsley Wood, a Scout Group I have been a member of since I was 10 years old.  I know have got to the stage where I am sure that some of my original Scouts could be bringing their grand children soon.

I currently run my own business and have worked in IT since the start of personal computers, back in the late 80’s.  This has always keep me busy and often working late into the night, but I do enjoy the challenge.