Simon Jarman

Press Officer

How did you get into Tri?
I got into Triathlon in 2014, I was training for the London Marathon and one of my friends (Gareth Jolly) suggested I run with the Titans as I was getting bored running on my own. One Friday morning I decided to meet them at the GYM and join others for a morning run. I met Jason, Stu and Keeley. After the Marathon, Jason talked me into buying a bike (his old one). Having an old mountain bike this was a totally new experience. What followed was learning and gaining confidence with my swimming participating in lessons with Keeley and Katie.

What was your first race?
My first race was the Brat Tri at Lichfield in April 2015. The swim was my first pool swim and I was terrified to be honest (16mins) and then the bike was long as I had a puncture near the end but kept going on a flat. The best part was the run – I overtook loads of people including those that had overtaken me on my bike with a flat tyre! I was happy just to finish as my first ever Triathlon.

What has been your highlight so far?
My highlight so far would be my biggest (and hardest) Tri to date – Chatsworth STANDARD distance in July 2016. The water was freezing (12c) and on the bike ride there were lots of big hills. What made it special was having the support of the Titans (Rich & Matt) and my fellow competitor Ned.

Is there a race you would recommend and why?
Eton Dorney would be the race I recommend as it is all within one enclosed park. It is a good organised event and the T Shirt was also quite nice!

Do you have one item of advice you wish to share?
The one item I would share is that is difficult to try and balance two jobs (Auditor & Mortgage Advisor) with training for Triathlons – you need some pretty good support from your family.

Tell us something non-triathlon related about you?
During my time in the Army (joined after leaving school) I also served in the first Gulf Conflict in 1990/91.