Welcome to Titan Triathlon

We would like to welcome you to Titan Triathlon; this page will give you information about the Club, sessions we currently have running and how to get involved.

Current Sessions

We post weekly on Friday approx 12 pm the weekend and week training options on our Facebook Page. We also encourage any members who are doing something different that may want some company to use the thread to arrange things.

Our sessions generally look like the following


  • Open Water Swimming at Cliff Lakes (Summer)
  • Kingsbury Park Run
  • Long runs, depending on demand to Park Run, please check the weekly training schedule


  • Open Water Swimming at Cliff Lakes (Summer)
  • Cycle Session, specific session type, start and expected average speed will be posted.  This is dependant on Club Activator / Coach availability


  • Open water swimming at Cliff Lakes (Summer)


  • Autumn and Winter pool session, in 10-week blocks.  There is a charge to cover the cost of pool hire


  • Structures run session 


  • Club have the option to join Peel Road Runners structured Thursday sessions
  • Open Water Swiming at Cliff Lakes (Summer)


We have various methods of communicating with our members.  Club has a monthly newsletter and gives a round-up of what has been happening and what is coming up.  Facebook is used to get out messages on a regular basis and allow other members to communicate.  The Facebook feed does get passed through to our Twitter account for those who are not a fan of facebook.

These are some links that may help

May we suggest that when you join the closed members-only page that you introduce yourself and maybe share what you are looking to do over the coming months in regards to maybe attending sessions, races or club events.  We are a very friendly and social club and you will be very much welcomed.

The club as well as Email, Facebook and Twitter also use Eventbrite to help arrange various events within the Club.  Eventbrite helps with our planning and organisation.

In January we have our AGM and discuss the plans for the Club, and January 2018 is no different.  We have been busy working on improving the experience for our members and working on giving improved value, to find out more about the Club, this is a great place to find out more, https://www.titantriathlon.co.uk/about-the-club/agm-2018/agm2018part1/ next part link at the end of each page (3 pages in total)

Useful Web Pages

These are some useful pages from our website that you may find of interest

Club Kit

Members Area

Cycling Etiquette

Strava Page

Club Benefits

In January 2018 we announced some improvements to our membership.  We have added membership cards that allow you to get discounts

2WheelsOnly, Tamworth

  • Various discounts on presenting your membership card
  • Invite to shop rides

Please note our affiliates have the right to alter and change their offers without notice to Titan Triathlon Club and it’s members

For 2018 we have exclusive Titan buffs

Putting Something Back

As a Club, we like to hear about you and your story, be it how you did at a race or why you got involved in Triathlon.  We have a few members who do a fantastic job talking to our members about your races, experiences or articles that other members may find interesting.

If you would like to help out in any way we are always looking for help, the more that help, the easier it is to drive the Club forward.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, then please get in touch, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please contact us at membership@titantriathlon.co.uk