Joint membership – Step 1

Titan Triathlon joint members receive the same benefits and specific information at a reduced price… just £40.00 per year for you AND your training partner!

Simply complete a form each so we can keep a record of your details. The first member’s details can be entered below. Once you click “Submit”, you will be directed to the second member’s form and finally to the payment area where your joint fee will be taken securely via PayPal on the final step of the sign-up process.

Titan Joint Membership - Member 1

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  • Medical Details

  • Please give details of any medical or health conditions that might affect your participation in triathlon. (Leave blank if inapplicable).

  • Please list any medications you take on a regular basis. (Leave blank if inapplicable).

  • Before taking part in your first club training session, you are required to complete the following Physical Activity Questionnaire. This is a screening tool to assess your potential health risks when engaging in physical activity. For most people physical activity should not pose a risk or hazard, however; a small number of people should seek medical advice before starting.
  • If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, you should have the consent of your doctor before undertaking a physical activity programme. If you are unsure of what a session involves or its physical demands please ask the session leader/coach before starting.

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