Expired Membership?

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Last year we changed the membership from starting from beginning of a calendar year, to anniversary date from starting your membership subscription in 2016, or when you became a member after January 2016.  Just to clarify, your subscription will expire one year from when you made your payment last year

The membership system is set to expire your account automatically after 1 year and we have a manual process to check for renewal payments and then extend your subscription for another year.  So if you have renewed and find your subscription expired then please email us membership@titantraithlon.co.uk

Also we have seen that PayPal has automatically cancelled some reoccurring payments.  If this is happened and you want to renew your membership we have a new process to help with this.  If you logon with your member ID & password to Members area you will be given a link to renew.

This will take you to a page to either renew Single or Joint membership, please select the option that is correct for you.  As soon as the payment goes through we will be notified and re-activate your membership

Any questions please let us know

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