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Manchester Asics Marathon on 2nd April 2017 start time 09:00

My Chip Time: 04:15:10

After Months of Training the big day has arrived – its race day.  Those endless runs come rain or shine whilst keeping up with the Bike and Swim Training all felt worthwhile as I stood at Old Trafford at the start of the Manchester Marathon 2017.

Having taken on the Manchester Marathon in 2016, I had a good idea of what to expect in terms of route and had a good race strategy – or so I thought.  I started the race expecting to achieve a 4hr so decided to run with the 04:00 pacer group.  The race had started well and with 02:50 hours gone and 18miles completed I was on track for a sub 4hr.

After the 19th mile my legs had started to feel very tired and an urge to stop had started to take over.  Trying to keep up with the 4hr Pacer group was now becoming a struggle.  With my HR now at Zone4 I had to ease off the pace.


About 20miles into the run I was really starting to suffer – I had officially hit the wall. In an attempt to freshen up I approached a very kind member of the public who was handing out cold cups of water – I decided to throw the fluid onto my face and realised the contents was actually sugary water – could this race get any worse.  Feeling Tired, with no will power to continue and a very sticky face – I really wanted to stop this race and throw in the towel.     

MTFU (Man The F***K UP)

As I approached Mile 21 something happened – My Wife and Children were calling for me amongst the spectators and so I went over to them. After a quick high 5 with my kids and peck on the lips from my wife my spirt had literally been lifted.   I decided there and then to MTFU and finish what you started.

In the home stretch heading back towards Old Trafford the street was lined with noisy spectators calling out runners names as you sprint towards the finish line.  After 4hours and 15mins, my race is over – and crossing the finish line was an amazing feeling.

Overall I would say the Manchester Asics Marathon is a fantastic event.  The course is relatively flat and perfect for anyone running their first Marathon and also for experienced runners wanting to achieve a PB.



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