New for 2019, we are excited to unveil a club-wide competition to run throughout the year. Full details are below, but to put it simply: the more you race, the more points you earn!

Titan Members will get points for participating in races across the season (with a few selfie bonuses available too!)  and we will rank everyone into a league table.

League table updates will be posted regularly along with some mini-competitions, extra special bonuses and spot prizes announced throughout the year. The overall Championship winner will receive a grand prize at next year’s AGM.

We will be sharing the first league table ranking in the Titan Website Members Area very shortly! Backdated results for races from the beginning of the year have already added – these have been taken from the January & February and March Race Reports . If any of your races from the start of the year are missing from the race reports just let us know! 

Bonus points (for photos, club kit etc) will only be applied to new races after 8th April 2019 to give everyone a fair chance to compete.

We hope everyone will be able to get involved and be competitive, no matter what distances you are racing this year!


How it works…

To ensure you earn points for your races please let us know your results in the Facebook Members Group, on WhatApp or by e-mail ( Please use the hashtag #TitanChamps to make them easier for us to spot.

Points awarded for completing races as follows:

Aquathons, Super Sprints & GoTri Events – 2 points

Sprint Distance Triathlon/Duathlon – 3 points

Olympic Distance Triathlon/Duathlon – 4 points

Half Iron / 70.3 Distance Triathlon – 6 points

Iron Distance Triathlon – 10 points

Running Event – 10km (up to 13 Miles)- 1 point

Running Event – Half Marathon (up to 26 Miles) – 2 point

Running Event – 26.2 Mile Marathon (& Above) – 4 points

Cycle Sportive (over 50 miles) – 2 points

Long Distance Swim Event (over 2 miles) – 2 points

Triathlon Club Relays – 6 points

Spectating a club member at a race you are not participating in – 2 points

Plus bonuses for…

+1 Bonus point for sharing a photo from the race

+1 Bonus point if racing in club kit

+ Discretionary bonus points will be given for exceptional performances (e.g. Top 3 in Age Group, Top 10 overall etc)

The Rules

It is the members responsibility to keep us notified of their results by posting them in the Facebook Group, on WhatsApp or via email to

Please use the hashtag #TitanChamps to make results easier for us to spot.

For races after April 2019 you need to submit your results within 1 month of the event to receive points.

To qualify for the competition the triathlete must be a paid up Titan club member.

The overall competition will run from 1st Jan 2019 – 31st Dec 2019.

Titans will only receive points for organised races- training is not eligible.

Non-standard race distances / formats will be allocated an appropriate number of points by the Judges. 

In the event of any ties, final rankings will be determined by the total number of events participated in, then the total number of multi-sport events participated in, then total number of bonus points, then a rock, paper, scissors showdown at the AGM.

All Points are awarded entirely at the organisers discretion. Rules are subject to change at any time and in the event of any disputes the Club Chairman’s decision is final!

Any queries please get in touch via the Facebook Members Group, on WhatApp or by e-mail (