On Sunday 21st January, Titan Triathlon held it’s Annual General Meeting and Social, below are the announcements, updates and news from that meeting.  This is Part 3

During the December Forum, we talked about how to add value to members and their membership.  We have many friends that are welcome to join us for our Events, Training Sessions and Socials, but the paying members need to be rewarded for being a Club Member.  We looked at how we operate and with the changes that we have been making over the past year we can now give members priority to key place limited sessions such as Autumn & Winter Swimming.

We have some, and I hope you will find exciting changes, I know as an Executive we have been excited getting the following ready.

Every member will now have a membership card that will have benefits….

Exclusive Titan Triathlon MultiWraps.  You can’t buy these; you can only get these by being an active member of Titan Triathlon.  We have given these out to members who could make it on Sunday, and we will look to get these available to all other members over the next few weeks

We have been talking with existing and new affiliates to Titan Triathlon

We have Member-only discounts with

  • Cliff Lakes; we all spend a lot of time in the summer either swimming or socialising, and they have given us discounts at the Coffee Hut & Retail Shop.  They are also going to be supporting the Club in other ways.
  • 2Wheels Only; they have been supporting us for many years, and on showing your member cards 2Wheels Only can offer you varying discounts.  They will also help to offer some great member evening, more to follow…
  • Helix Sport; are a tri-specific shop that again will offer discounts, but also offer additional services such a run gate analysis and local bike fit service.  They also have shop lead rides and runs that we will be invited to, along with unique manufacture events.

Cliff Lakes has been a focal point for our members for many years, and we are very proud to announce that Cliff Lakes is now the official home of Titan Triathlon Club.  We will be working closely with Cliff Lakes, and it will be great to see our members in Club T-shirts in the summer at Cliff Lakes.  The more we support each other, the better we can both make this work for everyone.

This is the current list of events that we will be supporting and working with you, the members.  Some of them are old favourites, such as BRAT Litchfield Sprint and exciting return to our diary of National Relays.  We will be looking where possible to focus training to match these events and need your help.  For events such as these to work for the Club, we are going to need your help, and we were excited by some of the offers of help we have already received.

The more of us that help, the less that needs to be done by all and more chance of possibly more events, social or race to be added to the calendar as we move forward.

Our aim now is to start to plan two years in advance; this will allow more members to look to join some of the more challenging or fly-away races and events that the Club has taken part in over the years.  We have already had an outline for 2019 and during this year start to work on 2020.  We have had some very successful warm weather fly-away triathlons in the past that have been organised among various members, and we have an idea to do this as a Club in 2020.

Although we only have a few awards, I would like to start by thanking everyone, member, supporter, family and friends, as without every one of you we wouldn’t have such a great Club to be a part of.

Special Recognition Awards

This is to recognise those members who have helped, supported and gone on their own great journeys in the past year.

Rebecca Buckley

Steve Broadrick

Adam Gould

Andrea Cooper

Titan of the Year 2018

This is for members who not only have given their all competing, either against themselves or others but importantly have inspired and supported members around themselves



Alan Allsop Award

In the spirit of Alan, who gave so much of himself for the Club, his dedication to benefit members right at the beginning and created a legacy that continues today.   This award is for a member or members who have gone above and beyond for Titan Triathlon Club, and we are honoured to award this for the very first time to

And Finally

Thank you all very much, if you have any questions or feedback, then please email membership@titantriathlon.co.uk