On Sunday 21st January, Titan Triathlon held it’s Annual General Meeting and Social, below are the announcements, updates and news from that meeting.  This is Part 2

The Club is now working toward the TriMark Club Bronze accreditation and excited to the benefits that this will bring us.  Apart from a new logo to show we have met the criteria it will much more importantly enable use to allow under 18-year-olds to join us.  We have already met much of the criteria and working in fulfilling the remaining outstanding parts.  We will over the next few months we will give you an update as to our progress, as I know there are new members waiting for us to complete the accreditation.

When Stuart and Richard joined the team, it was a chance for the Club to review all aspects of what the Club delivers, how we operate and the most important part, our members.  The Executive has been working over the past three months to listen and hopefully start to deliver more for the Club.  As you will see as you now go down through this page, changes are being made and new initiatives underway. There is a BUT, we need more help, support and members actively making the changes work, without you there is no Club.

Training is one of the simplest but most difficult to address in a Club of our current size.  We have decided to start to be more specific in the training we deliver, so there is a clear purpose behind a block of training.  We have started this with the Thursday night 5k improver sessions, booking through Eventbrite, it’s own closed Facebook Group and targeted sessions.  We know speaking to the members who have been involved have seen the benefits of the changes made.

We are going to continue this approach and target Club Events, be that Race or Non-Race events, and we are excited to see the results over the year.


Swimming: Our coaching has normally only lasted through the autumn & winter months at the pool, but we are going to extend this to the Lake late sprint to help those bridge the gap from the pool to open water swimming.  We are planning open water swimming block to begin at Cliff Lakes mid-May through to end of June.

Bike: We are going to break up the Sunday ride to more focused rides, this will hopefully give everyone a chance to attend rides matching members abilities.  Our posts for the rides will give the average speed expected, or if it’s going to be a purely social, fast, hilly or time trial (during summer) ride.  For this to work, everyone needs to take responsibility to attend a ride that matches their ability and expectation.  We know that we will have to possibly adjust this as we go along and your feedback will be very important.

Run: We are going to start a monthly track session based at Solihull North Sports Centre (Chelmsley Wood) on the last Thursday of each month, so please keep an eye out for our weekly Facebook posts and newsletter.  When the 5k Improver session ends, for anyone still wanting to run on Thursday, we have been offered to share Peel Road Runner session starting from Snowdome meeting at 7pm for 7:15pm start on Thursday nights.  Our long runs will be back, now starting from Cliff Lakes, please keep an eye out for Facebook Post for this starting very soon

Cycling is one area that as a Club we need to have more focus on.  As you have already read & heard, we are going to break up the Sunday bike rides and look with the help of cycle leads and coaches more varied and targeted sessions.  Please be aware we cannot coach on the open road, we can only lead a ride.  As we have said already this will need some ‘tweaking’ as we go along and your feedback will be very important to make this work.

We now have a published Titan Group Cycling Etiquette that must be followed by all our Club rides.  This is for the safety of everyone out on the road, we have been very fortunate as a Club we have been safe out on the road, but we need to keep it that way.  Cycle leads will remind everyone of what is expected on each ride; we will also start collecting your mobile number and emergency contact before each ride.

Please note Cycle Leads may stop a ride and remind everyone about what is expected, we know that for some this is going to be new, especially for members new to group rides, as we all had to start once.


A little history, when the initial members first started the Club, it was centred around our common social interaction, and Triathlon was just an extension of that.  This is something that as the Club has grown can very easily be lost, so we want to make sure that the Social part of the Club stays central to our make up.  We are going to put on more social events and ensure that for everyone who wants to join that part of the Club can, with this in mind as you can see we have highlighted some events for 2018.

Our Christmas Party will be at the NEC, and for those who attended in 2017 with Cliff Lakes, it was a fantastic night.  We will need to start to get this organised very soon, so please keep a lookout for information coming out of the Club through its normal channels.

Titan Forum was a bit of an experiment but turned out to be a great success.  Many of the ideas that came out of the discussion are now being put in place; this is very important as this is Your Club and Your Say how it runs.  With the success of the first Forum, we will be having some more this year to reflect on the changes made and how to drive your Club forward.

Part 3