On Sunday 21st January, Titan Triathlon held it’s Annual General Meeting and Social, below are the announcements, updates and news from that meeting.  This is Part 1

Robin Canning – Thank You

Robin stood down at Chairperson at the end of October, and the Club would like to thank him for everything that he and others have done for the Club. After

Meet The Team



We have a great coaching team that lead our sessions, all with a great depth of knowledge, and experience.  Our coaching team is always looking to improve and move forward, with Jason completing his Level 2 coaching qualification, and Richard just becoming our first Tri Activator.

Tri Activators can assist the coaches and also lead sessions enabling the Club to be able to continue to support you, our members.  We are looking for more Tri Activator and Level 1 coaches and will be looking for grants to help with the cost of the training.  If anyone is interested in becoming a Tri Activator or coach them please speak with one of the team.

Although on initial reflection it seemed that the Club didn’t do much in 2017, we still managed a busy year of races and events.  We had some of our usual well attended races and some new events, such as Derby Sprint, Birmingham Marathon and of course how can we forget Nedathon & Nedfest.

As some of you may have noticed we have been using different ways to communicate and run events hosted by the Club this year.  This is to better help with the planning and coordination and enable us to run the events better going forward.  With the use of closed Facebook Groups we can better communicate and share information with sessions such as Swimming.

We plan to expand some of these ideas to include a Members only Facebook Group linked to our main page, where we can share information quicker and more dynamically (we hope) as well as the existing targeted member only emails.

Google calendar can be easily added to most smartphones and email clients where we can add in training sessions, races, events and social gathering as we plan them.  Our hope is that it will make it easier to see what is happening around your Club

Titan Web App, we are looking to improve how our website and the information we can share with you, this is currently being investigated and we will let you know later on this year.

Strava, we have a great Strava community and I know many of you share and encourage others in and outside of the Club.  After some discussion, we are going to make our Club account members only, so you can share, compare and see better what other members are up to.

Last year there was a major update to the content and functionality of our website and during the year we have been refining some of the features.  There is a lot of knowledge within the Club, and some great stories that need to be shared.  To make this happen we are looking to expand our editorial team, better support Simon and make our web pages more interesting. To do this we are looking for one or more members to help gather news stories, talk to you the member to add to our ‘Meet the Members’, and find out about your races and what motivated you.

If you are interested in helping then please contact us (membership@titantriathlon.co.uk), as without your input the web content won’t grow and we all won’t hear about your story.

We have made the decision that we are keeping the existing supplier and design of our Club kit for 3 years, this is due to the complexity of finding new suppliers, but more importantly to give the Club stability with our Club Kit.  As last year we are opening the shop up from 22nd January to 9th February to enable everyone to order ready for the season ahead.  We are looking to have some samples again for anyone to try on and we will let you know when they are here.

Towards the end of the season, we will be opening up a second window, where we can put in some winter options and are open to suggestion to what you would like to see in that second window.  If there is anything you would like to add that you can see generally at Race Skin that we don’t have in our Tian shop then please let us know ASAP so we can ask for it to be added.


We are using a local print company to be able to offer the very popular Titan T-Shirts again with the new logo.  We have to have a minimum order of 20 T-shirts for them to be screen printing, which we plan on the first order.  Orders after that will use heat transfers, all with the option of having your name on the back.

We have in past asked for more casual wear with Titan Logo on, so finally, we are offering Fruit of Loom (Premium) Polo shirts with embroidered logo with both female and male versions.  Just as with the t-shirts, there is an option to have your name on the back if you wish.

Both of these can be ordered through the Titan shop via the website and will require a bank transfer with your name as a reference to complete the order.  We should have the first batch just over a week after the ordering window closes.

We will be able to order single units

Part 2