Body Performance Method offers personal training to guide and develop individuals towards their specific goals, whether that be weight loss/gain, aesthetics/toning or performance enhancement for their chosen sport.

Head Coach Lawrence has studied Strength and Conditioning at ‘Masters level’, he also specialises in developing individuals towards improved athletic performance, through both gym based conditioning and wider period programming. As an experienced triathlete through sprint distance to Ironman Lawrence has an in depth understanding of both the physiological and psychological demands that training for this sport requires and ensure that every element is covered whist developing your abilities as an athlete both in and out of the gym.

Alongside the Triathlon Coaching arm of Body Performance Method Lawrence will also provide deep tissue sports massage therapy. Recovery is a key aspect of training in any sport, relieving the stresses of training and enabling your body to recover faster and drastically reducing the likelihood of injury through overtraining.

If you are a member of ‘The Titan Family’ then you are in luck! BPM is pleased to announce that Titan members will be entitled to a £5 discount from standard advertised prices!

Please contact Lawrence on: 07532709412 or via the Body Performance Method Website.