Meet the team! This is an introduction to the Executive and Coaches that help to move you and the Club forward, read about their roles, their origins and qualifications where relevant.

Simon Jarman

How did you get into Tri? I got into Triathlon in 2014, I was training for the London Marathon and one of my friends (Gareth Jolly) suggested I run with the Titans as I was getting bored running on my … Read More

Nick Whiffin

Titan Member

How did you get into Triathlon ? I have tried my hand at a number of fitness regimes and sports from playing rugby, running and attending the gym although I never really stuck at one thing long enough to get … Read More

Martin Hollamby

Club Coach

I started running in 2002 while an undergraduate in Bristol, in an attempt to get a little fitter, go outdoors and burn off the alcohol. Things quickly escalated and I soon started entering 10Ks, half marathons and even marathons. I … Read More

Chris Robey

Titan Member

How did you get into Triathlon? I’ve been running for quite a few years and have completed events ranging from 5km up to Marathon distance, which has included running London Marathon 3 times. Watching the Brownlee brothers competing in Triathlon … Read More

Nick Barlow

Club Coach

Represented GB as a Biathlon skier   Competed in Lots of Running events and Mud runs ( Tough mudder ). But by far the best feeling has to be Triathlon after my first taster session at the local gym I … Read More

Kurt Hatwell

Club Coach

Mountain biking was always a passion from a very young age. Running was done sporadically with friends whenever a half marathon was suggested as something fun. Triathlon was always something i showed an interest in but ruled out as i thought … Read More

Richard Buchanan

Titan Member

How did you get into Tri? I started running after deciding to try and get fit. My initial goal of wanting to run 5k without stopping lead to me quitting smoking and running a half marathon. After this I needed … Read More

Robin Canning

Club Coach

Christmas Eve 2002, I stood at the bar of the local pub having finished work for that year and knocking back a few beers with my work pals – that is where my Triathlon ‘Journey’ began…

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Keeley Rowland

Coach and Club Development Officer

I have been taking part in triathlon now since 2013 where I started out as a complete beginner, 2 years on and I have never looked back! I have competed in a range of distances up to…

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Jonathan “Mildred” Mills

Vice Chairman and Cross Country Captain

During a mid life crisis in 2012 I decided to sign up for Ironman 2013 at which point I had swam no more than 25 metres and never been on a road bike. As part of of my Ironman journey…

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Jordan Mann

Website & Social Media Manager

2012, I stood a behind a crowd control barrier watching my Dad (Stuart Mann) run across the finish line at one of his races and I said to myself “I want to do that one day”…

Jeanie Mann


I have been around the Titan group for some years now as a spectator and decided to take an active part on the executive committee. I have been a keen runner for many years now taking part in Parkruns and … Read More

Stuart Mann

Titan Member

I was innocently chilling out after a spin class when Clare Sarjeant said, “I’m doing a triathlon, you should do it too”. After thinking, that sounds like fun and saying yes, I’m in. I walked out thinking I had better find out to what I had agreed to, nothing new when around Clare.